Like what the title says. Metal object hits a molex of the power supply and my pc suddenly shuts down. No sparks, nothing. It was a clean shutdown. But now when I try to restart my pc it starts this way: All fans go at maximum speed (a lot of noise), all LED on my motherboard lights up, but NO start up. My screen stays black. I hear everything starting but nothing happens. My PC doesn't want to start up and all the fans are blowing very hard.

I have to mention that after I shorted the PSU I smelled something burning on my next restart (when all the fans began to go to maximum speed). OMG I hope my PSU isn't "death" (it's not litteraly death since the system starts but nothing else happens after it.) If it isn't my PSU it might be my................ gulp* motherboard, if the power shortage fried my motherboard I'm going to cry for days (My motherboard was 350$, My PSU 90$)


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